Switched at Birth Review “We Are The Kraken Of Our Own Sinking Ships”

After weeks of building up Bay’s new gal-pal connection with Zarra and Daphne’s infatuation with her boss, this episode of Switched at Birth, ‘We are the Kraken of our own Sinking Ships’, gives a few characters a reality check or two.

Before I go into this episode in particular I have to point out how far I, and plenty of other fans (just visitTumblr’s ‘Angry Medusa‘ tag sometime), have read into Bay and Zarra’s budding relationship. To be honest, this week more than previous episodes convinced me that the writers intended the friendship to be read as the start of something more all along, and it’s certainly an interesting way to go with Bay’s character. With Emmett taking more and more of a backseat on the show, there’s some wiggle room for Bay to find new romance, it’s just a case of whether an ABC Family show like Switched at Birth is willing to go there. Read More...



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