2 Broke Girls Season 2 Review “And the Hold-Up”

You know how "SNL" will take a funny- or at least somewhat funny- idea and drill it into the ground over the course of one painfully long skit? Or how "The Simpsons" will recognize a subplot isn’t enough to fill out an entire episode content-wise, so they’ll have one every now and then where they have several unrelated stories grafted together? Tonight’s episode of "2 Broke Girls," entitled "And the Hold Up" was like that, only none of the disparate plotlines added up to much more than.well, a subpar "SNL" skit.

In Plot One, we had the diner being held up by a guy in a trench-coat, supposedly aiming a gun at our main characters. Is it me, or would it be worth it to ask the guy to prove it by taking the "gun" out of his coat, lest it be nothing more than a finger held up like a gun? Just me? Okay, just wondering. Does anyone actually do that? Read More...



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Oct 15, 2012 7:06PM EDT

Max is just hilarious. Period.

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