Castle Season 6 Review “Secret’s Safe with Me” – Hottest Handshake Ever

In this week’s episode of Castle, "Secret’s Safe with Me," Castle and Beckett entered the world ofstorage wars to solve what turned out to be the murder of an entire family. They also spent another episode hiding their relationship from their co-workers, although the cat is now out of the bag with Castle’s mother and daughter.

And how did the perpetually cool Alexis take her father’s romance? Well, she freaked out because the announcement came exactly as she was packing up her life in preparation for the move into her dorm. Not great timing on her dad’s part, but I felt like the Alexis we’ve gotten to know over the past six years would never have doubted her father’s love for her. True, the fears of a freshman are many and I remember them well, but she’s always been above that sort of thing. I couldn’t tell if I liked the fact that she displayed a little more range or if I wanted her to keep acting older than her age. Read More...


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