The Inbetweeners (MTV) Review “The Field Trip”

At the beginning of the episode, the premise of "The Field Trip" feels remarkably similar to The Inbetweeners last outing to an RV: overnight trip, opportunities for meeting strangers, girl trouble. It ends up being something quite different though, over-the-top comically, and, judging by the preview for next week’s episode, introducing some characters that are going to continue to play a part going forward.

The main plot, in which Will sits next to a new girl on the bus and accidentally charms her via silence before Simon swoops in and "steals" her from him, was standard "romantic competition" fare for this show, and nothing within it felt particularly creative or useful. Of course, there were some solid bits in there; Carly delivers the casual bitchiness of her lines well, and Will putting toilet paper down on the seat before vomiting everywhere was a nice touch. I could have done with a much shorter vomiting sequence, though. Read More...


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