Revolution Season 1 Review “The Plague Dogs” – And We’re Down a Woman

This week on Revolution, ‘The Plague Dogs’ should have been called An Hour of Unrelenting Gloom. Charlie’s kidnapped, Danny escapes…and is recaptured, Maggie dies, Rachel is tortured. Quick, someone crack a smile before their tears cause a flood.

I’m not sure how to explain my feelings about Revolution without sounding horribly negative, which isn’t my aim. There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with the show — good premise, decent actors, great visuals — but it’s just so flat and dull, even when it’s supposed to be thrilling.

‘The Plague Dogs’ sees Charlie, Miles and Nora meeting up with Maggie and Aaron as planned. They’re soon joined by the personality-deprived Nate, who Miles finally catches following them. But before they can determine exactly why he’s following them without, well, doing anything, they have to escape a pack of feral dogs. Holing up in a diner seems like a good idea, up until Charlie is kidnapped by the man who ‘owns’ the dogs. Read More...


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