Face Off Season 3 “Who’s The Next Who?” Review – “You Can Save A Bad Prosthetic With A Good Makeup.”

Happy Tuesday, Face Off fans! With season 3 down to only six contestants, it’s getting pretty serious in the work room! Tonight, the remaining contestants were given the challenge to create a human hybrid based on the Dr. Seuss book "The Sleep Book". Each person was given the choice of a different Seuss character and asked to incorporate their own take and to give said character a human/Seuss feel.

Right away it looks like Alana is in trouble when she chooses an "Offt" pretty much the only character on the board that didn’t have a hint of an animal in its name. She has her work cut out for her when she sees exactly what the Offt looks like… which happens to be a giant chicken. It’s literally a massive furry yellow blob with what appears to be a horn of sorts coming out of the top of its head. Alana doesn’t have a lot to work with. Read More...



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