Vegas Review “All That Glitters”

The takeaway from "All That Glitters" is don’t be a bully. Whether it’s a husband beating on his wife or a made man beating up on a blackjack dealer; nobody likes bullies. This episode of Vegas was about victims standing up to oppressors in various ways. Vegas did a great job of dealing with that subject without dropping it on the audience like an anvil.

A few observations from "All That Glitters":

The case of the week centered around a young boxer, Tommy, who just won an Olympic medal. Tommy stumbled into the street with his head covered in blood and dropped dead. During the course of the investigation, Lamb and Co. discovered that Tommy was trying to help the wife of one of his teammates escape her abusive husband. The husband erroneously assumed that Tommy was sleeping with his wife, so he clobbered Tommy over the head with a pipe. In a rather unexpected turn, the blows to the head aren’t what killed him. Tommy actually died of a heart attack due to a bad reaction from painkillers andprescription drugs. As it turns out, Tommy’s best friend accidentally killed him while trying to save him from himself. I didn’t see that one coming, but it didn’t feel like the writers just pulled it out of thin air either. The pieces were there. I just didn’t put them together. Read More...


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