Ben and Kate Review “The Fox Hunt”

Slowly but surely, Ben and Kate is worming its way into becoming one of my favorite comedies on television. "The Fox Hunt" is the third in a string of strong episodes that have only gotten better, and the show doesn’t seem to be slowing down. The premise of the episode is a pretty common sitcom device. It’s a competition episode, tied up with childhood family trauma and boys vs. girls. But that’s just fine, because Ben and Kate isn’t interested in breaking new ground tearing apart sitcom tradition; it’s interested in executing the tropes of the genre to their fullest potential, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Fitting with the mythology of the characters they’ve already established so far, Ben used to win every single annual Fox family scavenger hunt, and Kate’s still a little bitter about it. It comes up when Ben finds out she wants to take some business classes and calls her stupid, even though he didn’t mean it (but really, he meant it.) It’s a solid jumping-off point, and the scavenger hunt allows for the main quartet of the show to go off into their own worlds for most of the episode, only coming back together in the end. Read More...


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