Raising Hope Season 3 Review – Throw Maw Maw From The House – Part One

Raising Hope returned this week with a pretty solid episode in "Throw Maw Maw From The House". I’ve always said that Maw Maw is best in small doses, so I was a bit wary of this episode as soon as I saw the episode title. Thankfully there was enough laughs to offset the Maw Maw overload.

In a rare episode narrated by Virginia, we see a few of the wacky and hilarious measures that the Chance’s have to take to keep Maw Maw in check. I’m not sure why they aren’t living at Sabrina’s new house yet, as I was pretty sure that’s where they’d keep the characters for a while, but I guess we have to wait until after Sabrina and Jimmy’s wedding. Anyway, a social worker named Shirley, played by guest star Jenny Slate, arrives at the Chance’s responding to complaints that the resident’s were mistreating the child on the premises. They obviously assumed it was Hope, but it was actually a 20 year old complaint concerning Jimmy. However, during her visit Shirley concludes that the Chance’s have been physically abusing Maw Maw in their efforts to keep Maw Maw in her room. The Chance’s need to spend the rest of the episodes convincing Shirley that they should keep Maw Maw, and that she shouldn’t be taken away to a facility. Read More...



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