Private Practice Review: Moving Forward

"Good Grief" reminded us that to move forward, we must allow for our old wounds to heal. Our favorite doctors faced challenges head on and we were treated to storylines that showed progression and growth.

So far, Private Practice Season 6 has been so unbelievably heartfelt and amazing. I am loving every bit of the writing and seeing how everything and everyone is changing.

While I was glad to see Addison dealing with Mark Sloan’s death, I thought it was very much like her to struggle with having to talk to Jake about her past. Jake’s reaction was a bit predictable, though, as he has really shown no evidence of being anything but a saint.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve always been a huge fan of our girl Addie and I’m more than thrilled that she’s now got everything she’s always wanted. In fact, I really do like Jake, but it's just that he consistently seems to be flawless. Read More...

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