Criminal Minds Season 8 Review “The Pact”

Criminal Minds returned tonight after being kiboshed last week by the presidential debate. I get that determining the leader of our country is important and all, but come on you guys! I need my Criminal Minds! You can argue in Denver any time you want, but Wednesday night is Criminal Minds night!

Anyway, "The Pact" began in a typically disturbing opening scene, as we see what appears to be a cheating woman get dragged behind a car to her death. This brings our team to sunny San Diego, California, along with Jeanne Tripplehorn’s character Alex Blake. If the comments on my last review are any indication, Blake is not a very popular addition to the team. This seems to be the general sentiment among most CM fans, so I’m hoping the writers spend some time fleshing out her character a little better. I was a big fan of Garcia’s line, though. "Ten points to Blakeindor!" Read More...


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