The Neighbors Season 1 Review “Bathroom Etiquette” –Girls’ and Boys’ Night Out, Zabvronian Style

Okay, let’s start off with some new stuff that we’ve learned about Zabvronians:

  • When Larry feels pain, the entire clan feels pain
  • Zabvronians honor their fathers with a very interesting clap and howl…thing.

These two things come into play during this episode, which involves Marty and Debbie wanting to hang out with their human friends. What they don’t anticipate on is Jackie and Larry thinking their non-invites meant they were invited to tag along.

In an effort to assimilate with Debbie’s human friends, Jackie emulates the New Jersey "real" housewives (Reggie, who is more assimilated into the culture than his parents, hooked his mother up with knowledge of the show). Of course, this causes Debbie’s  sangria-tinged girls’ night out to become something akin to the popular reality show, complete with secrets revealed, in-fighting, women degrading each other and Jackie’s confessions to the "camera," which was really just one of the bar’s walls. Debbie eventually has enough and yells at Jackie, saying she didn’t want her to come along in the first place. Later on, after all of Debbie’s friends have stormed out, Debbie finds Jackie in the bathroom, depressed about ruining the evening. All Jackie wanted to do was fit in with Debbie’s human friends; she thought she was one of Debbie’s girlfriends. Debbie reassures their friendship, saying that Jackie is definitely one of her girlfriends, especially since they’re sitting on the floor of the bar bathroom crying. Read More...


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