'Survivor' recap: The Matsing-Off

Unlike the past few weeks, I’m not going to start this week’s recap off by mocking the lameness of manufactured let’s-get-this-show-trending! Survivor hashtags…even if they are #COMPLETELYIDIOTIC. Nor am I going to make an impassioned plea for the misunderstood power of cookies. Nope. Instead, I want to get all earnest-like and talk about something that made me very, very happy. It was a small thing. You may not have even noticed it. (Okay, so from that description I am clearly not talking about Angie’s boobs.) No, this was nothing anyone on the show said or did. Instead, it was a single camera shot. Not the shot of a raft — that may or may not have been planted by producers — drifting off in the middle of the ocean. Rather, the shot of which I speak was at this week’s immunity challenge. It wasn’t particularly fancy, and yet I watched it over and over again. (I’d like to once again assure readers I am not talking about anything boob-related.) Read More...



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