'Revenge' recap: Back from the Dead

Tonight's episode of Revenge was called "Resurrection," but what we really witnessed was a death. Emily's sinking deeper and deeper into her scheming and her plots, and she's losing herself in the process. I can only hope that a resurrection will follow, that we will see her come out of this darkness eventually, but for now we can only stand by while she self-destructs.

"Resurrection" kicks off with Young Emily on a road trip with her mother, while our Emily narrates via voice-over. Mom’s having a grand ol’ time, but Young Emily isn’t feeling it. She gives her mom a long stare and asks where Dad is. (Side note: Isn’t it adorable that the young actress has got Emily VanCamp’s cold stare down to pat?) Mom sidesteps the question and says that they’re on vacation. Young Emily laughs and just when everything seems relaxed, her mother morphs into Victoria and says, "Before you can rise from the dead, you have to spend a few days in hell." Resurrection, it seems, is not all butterflies and rainbows. It has a price. And that price might be your soul. Read More...



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