'New Girl': Prank Sinatra


This episode was all over place, amirite Newbies? The connection between judgmental hipster douchemonkeys and Nick’s undying devotion to pranking was a bit of a stretch. More to the point, I did not care for the pervasive, insidious undercurrent of anti-Schmidtism. It would have been one thing if Nick’s virtuoso pranking were merely a throughline, but — coupled with the judgments of the hipster neighbors — last night’s episode was almost sad. It’s a credit to Max Greenfield for finding a way to infuse heart into one of the most absurd, caricature-ish personalities on TV. All of which is to say, Schmidt’s my boy, and I will protect him and his douchebag jar until my last breath. As long as he stops wearing skinny jeans. Read More...



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