'New Normal': Are lamb sliders gay?

Republicans and Democrats? Covered. Race relations? Check. What politics-masked-as-sitcom plot were we hammered over the head with tonight? Gay marriage! "When you find someone who gets you for who you are, you want to be with that person, no matter what anyone else has to say about it," young Shania says to the crowd at her fake-wedding to Wilbur. Did the writers think to themselves, "Okay, we’ll make Shania say this moving line about love conquers all and then all the bigots out there will realize that even if she’s talking about her fake elementary school romance, she could be talking about all couples. They’ll exclaim, ‘Wait! She could be talking about gay people! I’m pro-gay marriage! Where can I register to vote?’" If only that speech had been 1/100th as moving as when David proposed to Bryan before the sonogram of their future child. I wish the writers would show us the sentiments they’re trying to get across, not just tell us. That being said, you can’t always show a great line of dialogue, so here are my three favorite lines of the night.


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