The curiously therapeutic thrills of 'Jersey Shore' season 6


MTV has never been shy about overextending a successful franchise into oblivion. So it was more than a little bit surprising when the network announced that the new season of Jersey Shore would be last. True, the show has taken a ratings tumble ever since season 4?s trip to Florence, a frustrated attempt at high-camp that wound up feeling like Last Year at Marienbadperformed by gorilla ballerinas. True, the show’s whole pop-culture moment is at least one year gone. But this is MTV we’re talking about. MTV, which implemented the Kristin Cavallari option to keep The Hills alive while simultaneously convincing the world that a show about Whitney Port made any sense whatsoever. MTV, which gave pretty much every Jackass cast member their own vanity spin-off, including Wildboyz, which was actually pretty fun, and Viva La Bam, which might actually be the worst television show of all time. MTV, which couldn’t give a reality show to just one Simpson sister. MTV, which still airs The Challenge. Read More...


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