The Big Bang Theory Season Six Review “The Higgs Boson Observation” – The Color Green

I’m not sure if I’m getting more critical or if The Big Bang Theory is slipping a bit, but this week’s episode, "The Higgs Boson Observation," left me a little cold again. It’s not that it didn’t have its funny moments, or that I sat stone-faced for half an hour, but when it was over, I felt as if the story wasn’t complete yet.

I want to believe that this means the assistant Sheldon hired to go through his childhood science projects to find a Nobel-worthy theory is going to be around for another episode. Maybe she’ll be the thing that makes Penny realize that she has a good guy. Although…we always say that Leonard is a good guy, but he can be awfully mean, like when he taunted Raj with his mutism in front of a pretty girl. Read More...


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