The Big Bang Theory Review: Two Moons in the Sky

Last Thursday, I asked, "Where are the laughs?"

Well, in "The Higgs Boson Observation," The Big Bang Theory found them.

I previously complained that Howard's stories were no different than those he had on Earth. I was thrilled to see that change. Howard's deterioration in space was unique to his circumstances and not feel forced at all. Of course, it's unfortunate for Howard, but funny nonetheless. When you are deprived of something for an extended time, all you want is that thing. For Howard, it was gravity. The simple joy he got from seeing an object on Earth fall. 

In the end, he cracked. He finally lost his Fruit Loops! Hmm ... that's a joke they could have used. I hope the drugs help because I wouldn't want to see Howard come back with any permanent damage. He's unique enough as it is. I'm glad we didn't see the second moon! Read More...


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