Private Practice 100th Episode Recap & Review

Private Practice’s 100th episode, last night, officially said goodbye to Dr. Pete Wilder, with a celebration of his life as he expressed in his will.
In a Balinese style affair hosted by Addison, everyone gathered to reminisce about Pete and help their friend and co-worker through the tough time.  As Vi stood by and listened to stories of patients grateful to Dr. Wilder for saving their lives she clearly wasn’t entirely comfortable with this sort of ‘funeral.’  It was obvious that a melt down was coming, the only questions where when, and how?

While Violet struggled with the challenges of becoming a widow, we saw that Charlotte is still far from being happy about her pregnancy, snapping at both Addison and Cooper for hovering and insisting that she should be excited.  So, of course, when a shaken Violet asks Cooper to take Lucas should something happen to her, the wave of nerves and uncertainty that passes across his face is completely justifiable. Read More...


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