The X Factor Recap: Drama, Tears, and Forgotten Lyrics

Last night on The X Factor, Boot Camp continued on as the 60 remaining contestants were hit with the next hoop they had to jump through before making it to the next round.  After a nerve wracking first night in which they had to sing all by themselves literally surrounded by all 120 contestants on stage, The X Factor decided to take the pressure up a notch and add a few rivalries for good measure by pairing the contestants up and having them sing together on stage.

These sing offs, which at face value appeared to be a series of duets, were anything but, however, because the contestants weren’t allowed to sing together, but just had to spilt the song in half and each try to out sing the other. The pairings were often obvious, with the twosomes either consisting of similar singers or of contestants that The X Factor thought they could create a rivalry between. Now and then, however, you’d get the rogue pair that just didn’t make sense, but I guess those were just the leftovers they couldn’t figure out what to do with. Read More...


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