America's Next Top Model 19.07 "The Girl Who Licks the Floor" Recap

I've struggled with my perception of Victoria, pretty much since she popped onto the Top Model audition episode espousing about the Trail of Tears. Her (unintentional) humor has been one of my favorite things about cycle 19 and much of the time, I'm entertained by how unusual of a person she seems to be. Top Model often repeats archetypes and personalities, to the point where you know the dynamic the house will have before the cycle even starts, so it's been nice having a round peg trying to fit into the square Top Model circle. Though I can't help but giggle at how committed she gets at a photo shoot or the continued drubbing she gives Kiara in her confessionals, Victoria's had many moments that make me believe that she doesn't have the emotional fortitude it takes to become America's Next Top Model. The asocial behavior, the dangerously co-dependent relationship with her mother, the fragile nature of her talking heads - they're all leading to trouble and it's been hard to fully embrace her humor without having to look at her pain. Read More...


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