Grimm 2.06 "Over My Dead Body" Recap

Much of the latter part of the first season (and beginning of the second season) of Grimm has focused on the impact that Nick has had on the Wesen world as a whole. His emergence as a powerful, efficient Grimm with connections has sent shockwaves through the Wesen population, making him a major target of both the Wesen and the royal families. It's one thing to have a Grimm around, but to have one that has gotten this good this quickly with a partner from the Wesen world could have major implications that reverberate for years to come.
Oh, Angelina

At a local country bar, Angelina Lasser (last seen in "The Three Bad Wolves") is dancing with a guy who makes his bad intentions known pretty clear. After buying the pretty redhead a few beers and some chicken fingers, he thinks that she owes him something (ahem) in return; she leaves the bar once he gets a phone call, but as she heads to her motorcycle, he catches up to her and again gets threatening with her, both physically and verbally. However, she hits him with her helmet, rips his throat out, and steals the money in his wallet, leaving a smattering of blood on her face and an empty wallet in the bushes. Read More...


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