Young Justice 2.09 "Darkest" Recap - What The Heck Just Happened?

Young Justice: Invasion 2.09 "Darkest"

Things just got real on Young Justice... Or rather "real-er."

Today's episode focused on Kaldur (who claimed he was too old for the Aqualad name) as he and a team of young super villains raided Mount Justice and gave the Young Justice team a beating they will never forget. However, like any good Young Justice story, nothing was as it seemed in this episode.

Kaldur Sees 'The Light'

At the start of the episode in an underwater hideout, a captured La'goon berated Kaldur for being a traitor against the Team and Atlantean Society. Black Manta entered the picture to send Kaldur on a new mission and mentioned that La'goon needed to be prepped for transport to The Light's "partner." Before La'goon is taken away, he called Kaldur Black Manta's "errand boy." This prompted Kaldur to ask La'goon while he knows his role in the grand scheme of things, does La'goon know his own position. He then injected a sedative into his former comrade. Before Kaldur left for his mission, Black Manta told him that while he trusts his son, The Light will need a little more to persuade them to trust Kaldur as well. The former Aqualad vowed that he would do whatever was necessary to achieve The Light's trust. Is it safe to say that "uh-oh" is an understated response to that piece of dialogue? Read More...


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