Fringe 5.02 'In Absentia' Review

Last night’s Fringe was one hell of a jaw-dropper. The season premiere set the bar high, and "In Absentia" met it in a big way. The episode saw the Bishops and Astrid returning to the beloved lab at Harvard in a search for clues Walter may have left behind. You may recall from last week that in 2015, before they were Ambered, Walter had been working with September on a way to rid the world of the Observers. The information was scrambled in Walter’s mind as a precaution against Observer mind-reading, and would’ve required a device to be reassembled. The plans were, apparently, destroyed after Walter was captured by Captain Windmark of the Observers. Convinced that Walter must have left documentation behind during his work with September, the team returns to the lab only to find it encased in Amber, along with Walter’s old Betamax recorder. Read More...


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