Hart of Dixie 2.02 "Always on My Mind" Recap

At the end of the season premiere, Zoe followed her heart (and other parts) by making a choice between Wade and George. Rather than dive into a relationship with the genial lawyer or the smooth bartender, she decided that she didn't want to be George's rebound after Lemon and encouraged him to sow his oats...while doing a bit of that of her own by continuing her sexual relationship with Wade. Hart of Dixie kicked off with Zoe being broken up with by the man that she had spent much of her 20s with, so there's a bit of incentive keeping her with Wade; she wants to be wild for once and have a little fun right now, which makes the predicament that she got herself into in "Always on My Mind" interesting.

Zoe continues trying to tell herself that she'll end things with Wade, that the last time they had sex would indeed be the last time. Wade bets her $50 (that she raises to $100) that they can't go 48 hours without having sex, lightly stroking her hand with his finger once they shake on the terms. But Dr. Hart won't be able to get much distance from him to increase her chances of taking home the money, as the two are heading to Mobile on a mission with Rose. The teenager, tired of simply being "the indie rock chick," had become jealous of another girl in her grade that was going to a Black Keys concert that weekend and would be bringing a shirt home that would surely impress their peers and take her niche. After talking to Dr. Hart, she comes over to Lavon's house with flyers for the first annual BlueBellapalooza, a music festival meant to increase her standing at school and trump a simple concert t-shirt. Dr. Hart had told her that her mother had worked with musicians in the past and in accordance, Rose put some pretty big names on the advertising (Talking Heads, P!nk, Mumford and Sons). However, a platinum artist wasn't in the cards for the festival, though Wade had a connection in Mobile in the form of former bandmate (and ex-girlfriend) Lily Anne, hence the road trip the three took. Read More...



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