Sons of Anarchy "Orca Shrugged" Review - Venus Van Dam in the House!

The Sons of Anarchy brain-trust brought us some much needed respite from the unrelenting darkness of recent weeks with tonight's "Orca Shrugged".  Well, for the most part anyways, then they punctuated one of their funniest episodes yet by killing a baby, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

In some ways "Orca Shrugged" was one of the most political episodes of the season as well, MC style politics that is.  One of the plot centerpieces this year is, naturally, Jax's role as president of Sons of Anarchy.  The writing of this aspect of the season is superb in the sense that we aren't just getting a string of chest-thumping at Church scenes, but we are seeing Jax express leadership in various ways.  Leadership in the club, leadership in his family, leadership in his community.  In "Orca Shrugged" we saw Jax begin laying the groundwork for Samcro's prolonged presence in Charming, with a surprising reach across the aisle to Jacob Hale. Read More...


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