The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Review “Growing Pains” – It’s a New Day in Mystic Falls

This week The Vampire Diaries is back. Yay! Season 3 ended with Elena waking up after dying with vampire blood in her system. In ‘Growing Pains’, she has to make a difficult decision — complete thetransition and live as a vampire, or not complete it and die. To make matters worse, Pastor Young comes along and sets in motion a plan to rid Mystic Falls of supernaturals and their taint. Meanwhile, Klaus wants to get back into his own body, and Bonnie uses dark magic in an attempt to save Elena’s life and suffers the ire of the witches.

I’m going to out and say it — I hate that Elena didn’t get to make the decision to become a without being in a high-stress situation. Did she really decide to drink human blood because she wanted to live? Or did she make that decision because Stefan was in a dangerous situation and she didn’t want to leave him? We’ve heard Elena talk about how she would never want to be a vampire a few times in the past, so I’m not sure that she’s going to be happy with the decision she made in future. Will there be angst ahead? Quite possibly. (Although if there’s anything I dislike more than everyday!Elena, it’s angsty!Elena.) Read More...


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