Beauty and the Beast Season 1 Review “Pilot” — In Which Nothing Is Particularly Beastly

Do you know what the most surprising thing was about Beauty and the Beast‘s pilot episode was, dear reader? It didn’t completely suck. I mean the extended trailer made it look absolutely ridiculous, I’ve never been a fan of Kristen Kreuk, and Vincent doesn’t even look like a beast most of the time! But while the season 1 premiere was formulaic, it had just enough good stuff in it to make me want to watch more.

The case being investigated is barely worth mentioning; a woman being killed by her husband’s mistress is nothing new, and I’m pretty sure this case has been on one or more of the CSIs at one time or another. Pro: it served it’s purpose and brought Vincent back into Cat’s life. Con: we’ll probably have more of these overdone cases in future episodes.

It doesn’t take long for Cat to learn that Vincent is the ‘beast’ that saved her after her mother was gunned down nine years previously, and it takes even less time for the sparks to start flying between them. It’s ridiculously cliche, but the actors make it work; I almost like Kristen Kreuk in this and Jay Ryan is pretty enough to pull off the brooding guy in the shadows role. (He gets bonus points for a pretty good accent, too.) Read More...


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Oct 17, 2012 9:17PM EDT

I had super super low expectations but am now eagerly waiting the next episode. He's hot enough but not nearly beastly enough. and if they reveal this much in the first two episodes then there better be alot more interesting tidbits and action next because it could loose traction fast, and that would just be sad as it has soo much potential. i really like it and hope it gets better!

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