Grimm Season 2 “The Bottle Imp” Review – “And the boy, thinking no evil, drew the cork out of the bottle.”

This week was pretty quiet on the Grimm front, which is unfortunate since I’ve become addicted to this show and look forward to it each week. Not much happened in "The Bottle Imp" to advance the plot. There were a few moments where Juliette seemed to be snapping out of her amnesia, but then it was revealed to either be A.) a dream or B.) too much for her to handle. But we’ll get back to Juliette in a minute. Let’s talk about the case. There’s a father who picks up his young daughter and stops for gas where his credit card (two of them) is declined. The father reveals himself to be a Wesen, and after he goes in to pay with cash, the clerk is suddenly dead. Wu calls in Nick and Hank who put two and two together and realize that the killer was something Grimm, and head over to Nick’s trailer to do some research. Read More...


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