CSI: NY Season 9 Review “2,918 Miles”

After last week’s episode, which focused mainly on guest star Rob Morrow’s arsonist character, this week’s episode of "CSI: NY" returned the focus back to the team once again, with one crucial difference- part of the show took place "2,918 Miles" away, hence the title. Perhaps gunning for a "CSI: San Francisco"- or should I say "CSI: SF"? – the show opened in the picturesque locale, and I can’t say I had any objections to that.

The frantic scene, which followed an unknown suspect as he ran through the streets of San Fran was engaging to look at, what with all the colorful stuff going on; and overall, a welcome change from a show that tends to be a bit monochromatic in its look, as better befits the usual locale. I especially liked the optical illusion mural the guy ran over on the sidewalk- those things are pretty cool to look at, if you haven’t seen them before. (Check ‘em out here: ) Read More...



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