The Good Wife Season 4 Review “Two Girls, One Code”

This episode of The Good Wife left me a little confused. "Two Girls, One Code" was a decent outing, but it felt like this episode was just filler. Nothing of import really happened on this week’s episode, but it wasn’t a completely wasted hour of tv.

Here are a few thoughts about "Two Girls, One Code":

The case of the week annoyed me. The defendant in the case was aptly named Gross. He was a lying, cheating, manipulative, arrogant jerk. Two college students created some voice recognition software that was very popular on Gross’s search engine. Gross approached them about advertising and they refused, so in retaliation Gross tweaked the search algorithm to knock them off the top results of his search engine. As a result, their business went belly up, so the girls sued Gross for unfair trade practices. I liked that the defense team pulled out every trick they could think of, but it didn’t matter what they came up with; Will and Co. did a great job rebutting all of their evidence. What annoyed me was the resolution of the case. The show spent the whole episode trying to make the plaintiffs out to be fairly smart and capable businesswomen. But in the end, the plaintiffs came off as empty-headed twits. They were poised to make Gross have to pay multiple millions of dollars in damages, but instead they accepted his offer of employment at his company? How does that make sense? So he hires them today to make the lawsuit go away and then he fires them in six months. Then they have to try to prove that he fired them unfairly. To say that was foolish is an understatement. And their attitude was awfully flippant to say that they still owe the firm fees and costs. This was a very dissatisfying ending because the defendant was such a jerk. It would’ve been nice to see Will and Co. knock him down a peg or two. Just as an aside, I really enjoyed the judge this week. He was hilarious. Read More...


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