Elementary: Is Holmes And Watson’s Friendship Off To A Good Start?

We’re two episodes into Elementary now, and the series is proving itself to be a solid procedural. For other shows that follow a case-of-the-week format, that would be well enough, but as a modernreinterpretation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic characters, the more pressing concern forElementary is nailing the dynamic between Holmes and Watson. On that front, the series is still finding its way. The friendship between Holmes and Watson is an essential element in any Sherlock story, and I believe Elementary has the potential to give the iconic partners’ relationship a fresh spin– they just haven’t fully committed to their friendship yet.

Let’s start by discussing what works: the chemistry between Lucy Lui and Jonny Lee Miller is terrific. The actors are adept at both bantering and digging into the broken aspects of these two characters. Holmes and Watson are damaged people; she is riddled with guilt and he’s compartmentalizing the messier aspects of his life in a way that could prove to be destructive. We get the sense that together they have the opportunity to heal, and the series has done an excellent job of demonstrating that these two people already understand each other. I’m thinking specifically of the scene toward the end of the pilot where Watson tells Holmes she won’t tell his father about the crash. Even at this early stage, she can read him. She gets that the brownstone is a haven for him, just as she understands that he can connect with people, but he has been hurt too much and done too much hurting to allow himself to let anyone in. Likewise, Holmes knows that Watson needs something in her life worth waking up for in the morning and he also recognizes that she is carrying around a great deal of guilt, just as he is. Read More...



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