Grimm Review: Fate Only Pulls in One Direction

One of Grimm’s best assets is the ability to show someone’s true colors. What is just below the exterior of a character?

"The Bottle Imp" did just that, and in a way that made both the procedural story and the continuing character arcs richer.

Hank & Nick On the Move

The plot twist of the little girl, April, being the Wesen hurting and murdering people didn’t surprise me too much, considering the Grimm-pedia specifically mentioned "offspring" (while being conveniently left out by Nick and Hank).

But what did take me aback - and what was so much fun to watch - was this living and breathing Wesen world that each creature adapts to and carves out for his/her kind. April’s family members know that as they grow up hormones tend to send them out of control, and to provide a counterbalance to that they have a Wesen of their own looking out for them and keeping them in line in at Juvenile Detention. Read More...


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