I’m not sure if we’ll be doing weekly Vampire Diaries reviews this season. My personal love of the show doesn’t translate into "mega-popular on IGN" despite my attempts to use the Force to make it happen. But we’ll see what happens week-to-week, and I definitely wanted to check in on major episodes, including the season premiere.

That being said… the premiere wasn’t as awesome as hoped for, based on that cliffhanger.

I think the problem is there was a certain inevitability watching these events play out – which is so often not the case on The Vampire Diaries, which throws so many twists and turns at the audience. But look, we all know Nina Dobrev wasn’t going anywhere, which meant Elena -- barring a huge cheat that somehow kept her human, which I had faith the producers wouldn’t do -- would give in, drink some blood and become a full vampire. So really, we were just waiting out the hour for that to occur. Read More...


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