Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Review “You’d Be Surprised” – I’d Beg to Differ

I somehow always manage to forget that Leander Whitlock is portrayed by Dominic Chianese, also known as Junior Soprano. He looks damn near unrecognizable as Whitlock but that voice gets me every time.

As I watched this week’s episode of Boardwalk Empire, it became very clear to me that I no longer know what this show is about or perhaps I’ve never known what it is about. Sure, the show is about the corruption of bootleggers stemming out of the Nucky Thompson-controlled Atlantic City. From that basis, we got a great story about a deeply troubled war veteran who only appeared to come home from the war in the physical sense. We saw how that affected his relationship with his mentor/father figure who was dealing with his own internal struggle as he wanted to be everyone’s favorite trusted politician while reaping the spoils of various criminal enterprises. There were other entertaining back stories with characters based on larger than life prohibition-era gangsters including Luciano, Lansky and Rothstein. Read More...


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