Alphas Season 2 Review “Need to Know”

I’m having a hard time figuring out who I’m supposed to be rooting for on Alphas anymore. When I used to feel conflicted about Rosen’s Alphas team versus Parish’s Red Flag, it had more to do with the possibility that both sides were trying to do the right thing in different ways. Now, especially after watching "Need to Know," I’m conflicted because it seems like everyone has become a monster.

Rosen and Cam are so bent on vengeance that they’ve become completely disconnected from the people they once were. Rosen pushes his own team to their physical limits and lets himself be provoked by a criminally deranged Alpha. Rosen used to be professional enough to be able to distance himself from that kind of reaction and clever enough to earn the trust of even the most guarded Alphas. Read More...


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