How I Met Your Mother Review: Consolation Prize

Someone tell Barney I need to borrow his Booty Call phone to ring Marshall and Lily because the problem I had with tonight's How i Met Your Mother definitely warrants an eight or higher.  

There should have been a Creatively Bankrupt section to tonight's wheel on "Who Wants To Be A Godparent" because someone needed to explain to Marvin why his parents mailed in another performance this season. 

Maybe I'm wrong to criticize the actors, perhaps the writers are to blame here, but after hearing Lily's ridiculous sobbing for the fifth time, I almost switched channels to a rerun of Hoarders. When Marshall started to lecture his single friends about how having a child is the only important thing in a parent's life, I kept expecting his next sentence to be a punchline, but it never came. Read More...


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