Revolution Review: Tom the Steam Engine

While "Soul Train" started to pull Revolution’s heavy story-telling burden forward, some of its payoffs ended up holding everything back.

Let's start with the good: finally delving into Tom’s character and getting to know the man he is today - compared to the man he was before the blackout - made for one of the strongest parts of Revolution yet.

Watching Tom, as he morphs from a person who is just going through the motions of life and letting people walk all over him into an individual who dedicates his new lease on life to impact law and order as he sees it, was fascinating.

These competing personalities of Tom are what make him so compelling because on one hand we see someone who is continually giving Danny fatherly advice and using him like a stand in for his own son - but since Danny is a prisoner, Tom’s advice sometimes crosses into areas that are not necessary for Danny’s age. Read More...


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