Arrow: The Cast Teases Oliver's Relationships With His Family, Friends and Enemies

Sometimes it's hard to be a superhero with a family, particularly on Arrow.  In the case of someone like Batman, he can work and live pretty automously, with only a butler living in his house and monitoring his nightly crime-fighting ways.  But, as we saw in last week's series premiere, Oliver Queen returned home to his mother, sister and new stepfather, as well as to a best friend, all of whom seem interested in keeping track of his whereabouts after he's been MIA for the last five years.  This is going to be a problem for Oliver.

During a visit to the Arrow set in September*, star Stephen Amell explained that having a family and close friends is "the biggest problem for Oliver so far and we discuss it almost immediately after the pilot.  I mean, you see his trouble with Thea in the pilot and you see potential trouble with his mother and certainly Walter being his father’s CFO and now being his stepfather is an interesting transition, but the biggest problem for Oliver so far hasn’t been any bad guys necessarily, it’s been his relationship with Thea and Moira, and Laurel to a lesser extent, but specifically his immediate family.  They’re a big problem for him and he can’t... going into [future episodes] ... he can’t continue.  Something is going to have to shirt, whether it’s bringing them closer, whether it’s giving up what he’s doing...something is going to have to change, because the way things are going right now, it’s deteriorating the relationships in his family." Read More...


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