Grimm 2.08 Preview: Renard's Obsession with Juliette Grows


When Captain Renard purified his heart and planted the kiss on Juliette that brought the vet out of her coma, you knew that the worst ramifications were yet to come. He might have had a strong physical reaction during the actual purification process, but since he was the only person that could have saved Juliette, there had to be some type of link between them once she rose once more. For the past few episodes of Grimm, we've seen the intensity of said link continue to rise, strange visions occurring on both sides and an inexplicable force surging between the two once they get into the same room.

On the next episode of Grimm, airing Friday, the mutual obsession that has been engulfing Renard and Juliette may be reaching a fever pitch, as the preview suggests that things might be getting sexual. And fast. With Nick not being aware of what's going on with Juliette's mental state, he might not have much time to find a way to break the spell between them and keep his girlfriend from getting intimate with his boss, particularly since Rosalee is still out of town. If he doesn't piece together what's happening soon, though, he might lose Juliette for good. Read More...


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