Once Upon a Time 2.03 Recap: What It Means to be a Mother

Once Upon a Time (ABC/JACK ROWAND)

This week's Once Upon a Time told three stories, although the Storybrooke tale was relegated to the "C" story (with some charming scenes between David and Henry).  The two fairytale stories - past and present - both dealt with what it means to be a mother.

Love is Sacrifice

In the fairytale land that was, we once again saw Snow White and Charming.  Snow had been woken from her apple coma by Charming and now the two were plotting a way to retake the kingdom.  Unfortunately, King George's army had found them.  After separating from Charming with a promise to meet at his mother's house, Snow was captured by King George's new general: Lancelot.  After being brought to the castle, Snow was horrified to learn that King George had poisoned her, denying her the ability to ever have a child.  He sent her on her way and Lancelot - unhappy with the lengths King George had gone to in order to punish Snow and Charming - pledged to help her.  When they arrived at Charming's mother's house, they saw a terrible scene: Ruth was bleeding to death after getting hit by a stray arrow while some of King George's men had attacked Charming. Read More...



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