'Gossip Girl' recap: WWD-Day


It appears something got into the champagne on the Upper East Side because everybody was getting a little action at the beginning of this week’s episode of Gossip Girl.

Nate was sleeping with a girl I’m convinced is the younger sister of Shannyn Sossamon. Serena had traded train crack for the time in the sack. And Georgina was getting a little sexual satisfaction by watching Dan sleep. Creepy. And sad.

Also sad: Serena salivating over the idea of an "adult Manhattan." First off, S, the city has the word "man" in it; there’s never going to be anything adult about it. (I’mnotbitter!) Also, the words "adult" and "Manhattan" next to each other sound boring. Almost as boring as Central Park Conservancy Gala. Read More...



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