'The Real Housewives of New York City' recap: Reunion Part 2: You Say You Want a Resolution?

The good news about the livelier second half of the Reunion is that we were spared a visit from George. The bad news is that Tomas did not show up in chaps and eyeliner and perform for the women. LuAnn groaned when a gleeful Andy announced that it was time to discuss la scandale. First things first, how do you pronounce the pirate's name? "Tom-ah," said LuAnn. "In French you don't pronounce the S. So I really came home late with Thomas..." But right off the bat she wanted us to know that she and Jacques were still together and still very much in love. Ramona's eyes went roller-coasty on us, and stayed in that speed for the bulk of the segment. "Why would you call Jacques in the morning and lie to him?" Andy wondered. LuAnn said she panicked. She thought the cameras weren't on her. She thought only Countesses spoke French. Ramona, can you explain any of this? "Let's just say LuAnn loves her men and she can't keep her hands off them," said Ramona, wagging her pupils this way and that. "And you can take that however you want." LuAnn told her to zip it! Ramona insisted she was behaving. Heather, who's good at rapping a Housewife on her gel tips when she starts acting a fool, called Ramona out for firebombing an insinuation and then pleading innocence. Read More...



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