'Homeland' recap: Breaking Points

After last week's humdinger of a cliffhanger, I was desperately curious to see how Homelandwould handle the fact that Brody has been officially outed as an agent of Abu Nazir. Would his life continue to unravel at its heretofore rapid pace, or would the writers cool things off for a week (or two)? Turns out: Both!

We opened with Saul at the Beirut airport, carrying a diplomatic case of great interest to local government officials, who thought nothing of pulling Saul into a dark, windowless room and inspecting said case, even if it caused, as Saul warned, "a serious diplomatic incident." With no elaborate CIA cover story about scouting for locations to shoot Argo 2: The Beardening, Saul had only his wits to manage this situation, and at first, it looked like he was handling it terribly. His feeble protestations and rising panic screamed, "I've got something secret in there that I don't want you to see!" And indeed, feeling along its sides, the official quickly found and removed a flash disk. "Never come back to Lebanon," he told Saul darkly, pocketing the disk and sending Saul on his way. Read More...



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