'The Amazing Race' recap: Girl Behaving Badly

My dear friend Kelly, who is a seasoned world traveler, once told me a very, very cute thing: Every time she used to travel somewhere -- beginning with her middle school's field trip to visit Washington D.C. -- her mom would say "Remember that you are an ambassador to your state, your country, and the entire Ewing family." So adorable and so true. Unfortunately, though, it seems Brittany's mom forgot to teach her daughter this lesson. This terrible traveler's chastising, barking and whining basically provided the soundtrack for tonight's episode; girlfriend was cringetastic and at several moments during this leg made me to want to bury my head under the couch cushions. But! There is a sunny side to all this: After last week's disheartening dose of Nice Guys Finish Last vis à vis Amy and Daniel, this week it was pretty damn gratifying to see some sweet justice be done come Philimination time. Read More...



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