'Fringe' recap: Into The Woods

The Bark People of Northern Pennsylvania lived on the woodsy outskirts of Observer Nation, free and largely unknown to the world. They were guardians of a secret and sacred charge: The history of humanity, recorded on data cubes, stored in an electromagnetic vault. When Walter first saw one of these fringe folk – a child, who idolized the four fantastic Bishops as if they were rock star super-heroes – the scientist with the elastic intellect confused the boy for a "wicked tree dwarf." Yet River’s kin were anything but small, in size or spirit. They stood for the little people who keep our cultural icons living large and producing inspiring lore, who will keep the memory of them and their work alive long past expiration or cancelation. "The Recordist" was a weird love letter to the true believers, the devout live watchers or the loyal next-day DVR viewers whose barky evangelism have kept the endangered fantasy ofFringe alive – the fans. Read More...



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