'Last Resort' recap: Going Bananas

Last week's episode of Last Resort focused on the world around Sainte Marina Island, and the new geopolitical realities emerging from Captain Chaplin's decision to turn Sainte Marina into a nuclear oligarchy -- a "nuclearchy," if you will. The third episode of Last Resort, conversely, developed the social stratosphere of the Island itself. Suffice it to say that, just a few days into the occupation, things are trending downwards. Sam raced down to the market to break up a fight between irate villagers and exhausted seaman. One sailor had stolen a single banana. The sailor shrugged: "It was a banana. I'm hungry." Sam insisted that the sailor follow basic rules of law; the sailor angrily stripped down to his skivvies and declared himself a member of the opposition, and was immediately sent to the brig. The COB looked on from his luxurious outdoor prison cell, glowering. Read More...



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