90210 Season 5 Review “The Sea Change” – Someone Pay Attention to Navid, Please

I think Liam needs to accept that although the universe blessed him with a perfect face and body, it also gave him the worst luck when it comes to women. She doesn’t give with both hands, baby. In this week’s episode of 90210, "The Sea Change," we said goodbye (maybe) to Liam’s latest mistake, Vanessa, when she accidentally fell over the balcony of their rented beach-house and (maybe) got washed out to sea. Anyone who knows the conventions, though, can probably safely assume that she got up, staggered away without being noticed and will return during sweeps to take someone (probably Silver) hostage.

For the time being, though, Liam is free to be with Silver again, if he can get over the fact that she’s going to have Teddy’s baby. She’s not pregnant yet, but she’s got his swimmers now and it’s only a matter of time. I was very worried that they both might have gotten drunk enough at Naomi and Max’s reception to attempt conception the old-fashioned way, but Teddy is really, really gay, and I like that so much better. Read More...



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