Ben and Kate Season 1 Review “21st Birthday”

"21st Birthday" is just one more in a run of solid episodes of Ben and Kate, and proof that this show is sturdy and dependable. The story is solid, the characters are defined, and the jokes succeed more often than they fail. We’re only on the fourth episode, but the show already is filling out its world and the history of its characters in a way that feels natural and organic.

So let’s start with the history, which popped up here much more prominently than it has before, in the shape of Ben’s ex-girlfriend (who we saw in the pilot as well) and Kate’s friend from her pre-motherhood days. Neither of those characters felt entirely three dimensional, which could have potentially brought the whole episode down, but the action around them was solid, and they didn’t need to feel like real characters, when we already have 4 real characters (plus a child) to work with. Read More...


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